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Rahel Tesfaledet: Teaching Philosophy 


Rahel T.


October 21st 2021

Teaching is about ongoing learning and knowledge building for both teacher and
student. It is about recognizing the different ways in which each individual student learns
and creating a supportive classroom environment that caters to different learning needs. 

Therefore, I strongly believe in today’s classroom, differentiated instruction is very
important. Education is complex, and therefore uncertain. Ambiguity should be embraced
and although boundaries exist for both student and teachers, freedom also exists within
those boundaries. In the field of education, we need to be prepared for unpredictable
outcomes and be ready to adjust or change plans. There is a need for student teacher
partnerships because both learn from the other, in other words reciprocal learning is always
occurring. The teacher’s attitude is of vital importance as it sets the mood for the day, week,
month, and year. A positive, professional, and constructive attitude brings out the best in
students and allows them to uncover the best of their potential. Children are very smart and
they sense teacher’s attitudes which in turn affect their performance. Every teaching
experience is unique, because every teacher, student, and classroom has its unique

Teaching in my opinion is a relational act that requires us as educators to instill
self-esteem into each student. It is truly a social act and profession. Therefore, we need to
let kids talk and debate, work alone, and in groups. This is because learning comes through
practice, participation and actually ‘doing’ it. It is my responsibility as an educator to help
students create meaningful engagement with what they are learning, connecting everything
to real experiences in everyday life. To develop relevancy, teachers need to see things
through children’s eyes.

Teachers must be able to blend their personhood with the craft of being a teacher.
We need to take our beliefs and stances in society, and convey it to students in a way that
benefits them. We need to let them see our weaknesses, not only our perfections, and let
them identify with us as ‘humans’. There is no separation between a teacher’s public and
private life. We are essentially a role model for our students in every aspect, and we can
make learning easier for them by being that great role model.

Helping students learn to their full potential includes applying different strategies,
because every student learns differently, to ensure that a bountiful harvest is produced out of each and every child. It is important that we as educators are constantly thinking,
innovating, and providing alternate ways of doing things. I think we do an injustice to
students if we just conform to how things have always been done. We should reassure and
demonstrate to students that there is more than one way to learn, understand and do
something. The classroom should always be about student centered learning, cultivating new ideas and encouraging creativity. 


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